Answers to your questions

  • Not sure which unit to buy?
  • How long will it take for my TENS unit to arrive once I place the order?

    We’re located, and ship from Lexington KY USA!

    We ship USPS or UPS mail, which usually takes 4-7 days depending on your location.  We also offer priority mail, 2 day air (not including weekends) and next day air options

    If you have rented a TENS unit, please click here for unpacking instructions

  • How do I use the OBI or ELLE TENS machine?

    Please download this PDF we created for a quick instructional guide: How to use a tens unit

  • Can I try the ELLE TENS machine before labor begins?

    Yes, once you have reached 37 weeks of pregnancy you are welcome and encouraged to try the TENS unit. Please use alcohol pads to wipe off any oils before applying the pads to prolong the stickiness of the pads.  After use, replace the pads onto the protective sheet.

  • What if I am being Induced?

    Yes! To allow time for your endorphin levels to rise, begin using your TENS unit one hour before your induction begins

  • Can I use a TENS unit in labor if I am planning on having an Epidural?

    Absolutely!  Start the TENS unit as soon as you think you are in labor.  A TENS unit is one of the few pain management options for early labor while you’re still at home!  Did you know that early labor is two thirds of your labor? 

    You can use a TENS up until the point you decide you want an Epidural. In fact, using a TENS may delay or eliminate the need for an epidural!

  • Can I use an ELLE TENS machine in water or if I’m considering a water birth?

    NO, you cannot use a tens unit in water. If you want to use the shower or birthing tub, remove the unit and pads and dry off well before re-applying the pads and the unit.

  • I think I'm in labor, when should I start the tens unit?

    The earlier the better!  This gives a chance for your body to produce more endorphins. It’s most effective when used early in labor to give your body time to respond to the stimulation, which can take about an hour.  We suggest to start the tens unit as soon as you think you are in labor

  • Is a TENS unit FSA/HSA eligable?

    Yes, if you are purchasing a TENS unit for personal use.

  • Are Elle TENS machines safe?

    Yes. TENS machines are safe for using during labor. However, do not use before the 37th week of pregnancy. Do not use a tens machine if you suffer from epilepsy or use a pacemaker. If have any doubts whatsoever consult a medical professional.

  • Rental question - What if I need to keep my rental unit a bit longer?

    We know due dates are unpredictable! Just let us know, we are happy to work with you as long as you let us know. As long as the TENS unit is returned within a couple of weeks after you deliver you will be fine!  Just bear in mind if the unit is not returned within 90 days of your order date, you will be charged a fee of $75.

  • Rental question - Is return postage included?

    Yes, return postage is included. A POSTAGE PAID RETURN LABEL is in the box! Please contact us if lost or damaged and we will email you a label.

  • Rental question - What if I don’t return the TENS unit?

    If the unit isn’t returned within 90-days from the time you submitted your order, a charge of $75 will be billed to your credit card. 

  • Rental question - Can I get a refund if I have my baby before my TENS unit arrives or I have a C-section?

    Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on rental units (or for sale units).  Due dates are just an estimate! Birth plans can change and babies can come before your due date.   Once the unit is sent to you it takes it out of our inventory.  Thank you for your understanding.