A drug-free option for managing pain during childbirth

TENS units are a safe and effective method of pain control for women during labor and birth
Rent an Elle TENS unit ($65.00)

Safe, Drug-Free Labor Pain Management

Our MATERNITY Elle TENS puts YOU in control with the BOOST
button to provide maximum output during a contraction – a feature not available with a normal TENS machine.
  • Six-week rental of an Elle TENS 1
  • Easy, fast and convenient
  • Book and pay completely online
  • Postage paid return label included for easy return
  • Orders placed after 5PM EST on Fridays will ship on Monday.

For more information on rentals or sales please call (859) 559-4303

Benefits of TENS

  • Shortens the length of labor
  • Maximum benefit when started in early labor
  • Ideal for lower intervention birth
  • Particularly beneficial for back labor
  • May postpone the administration of an epidural
  • Significantly increases patient satisfaction


TENS – or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – is commonly and successfully used as a drug-free, natural method for pain relief during labor. We offer rentals and sales of OBI and ELLE Tens units specifically designed for use during labor.

Start using the TENS unit AS SOON AS LABOR BEGINS for the best experience.

For more information on rentals or sales please call (859) 559-4303

Answers to your questions

  • How long will it take for my TENS unit to arrive once I place the order?

    We’re located, and ship from Lexington KY USA!

    We ship USPS or UPS mail, which usually takes 4-7 days depending on your location.  We also offer priority mail, 2 day air (not including weekends) and next day air options

  • Can I use a TENS unit in labor if I am planning on having an Epidural?

    Absolutely!  Start the TENS unit as soon as you think you are in labor.  A TENS unit is one of the few pain management options for early labor while you’re still at home!  Did you know that early labor is two thirds of your labor? 

    You can use a TENS up until the point you decide you want an Epidural. In fact, using a TENS may delay or eliminate the need for an epidural!

  • I think I'm in labor, when should I start the tens unit?

    The earlier the better!  This gives a chance for your body to produce more endorphins. It’s most effective when used early in labor to give your body time to respond to the stimulation, which can take about an hour.  We suggest to start the tens unit as soon as you think you are in labor

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Client Feedback

What others are saying or think about us…
Charlotte M.
Google review

I could not have gotten through my completely unmedicated labor and delivery without the TENS Unit. I was able to labor at home until I was 6cm dilated using the TENS and kept it in the car on the way to our birth center and through the delivery of my son. Austin Childbirth Center made renting the unit super easy, from having a user friendly online ordering system to providing everything you need (even the label!) to return the unit. I highly recommend Jillian and the TENS For Labor and will use them again in the future.

Heidi Vesterinen
Google review

Second time I used a Tens system for labor and this unit was even better than the one I had before. The optimax function really made a difference. I used this device during my second unmedicated birth at a hospital. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in reducing the likelihood of medical interventions or interested in exploring options that give control to the birthing mother and allow her to move around – weather in hospital or in another setting.

Ilana Maus
Google review

I labored naturally for a very intense 5 hours and this tens unit helped me so much! Baby was sunny side up and I could feel my contractions in my back. This is such a wonderful tool for anyone in labor, so happy I had it.

Vijay Kotecha
Google review

This is a great and unique service! We didn’t want to buy a TENS unit for a one-time need in labor, and hate to create unnecessary clutter and waste. Plus the ones for sale online don’t have the same features as this one (which is specifically designed for labor and includes a boost button that gives the user the all-important sense of control, which really helps coping with contractions). The process from ordering to return was seamless and easy. They even included spare batteries, which we ended up needing to use (and a long interruption to go find batteries would have been VERY unwelcome in the moment!). The TENS made a huge difference in coping through early labor without relying on lots of pain medication. I also appreciate that there is a long enough “rental” period so that we had the unit after about 36 weeks in case of unexpectedly early labor, and we still had a couple weeks left to return it after a full-term birth. It was nice not having the pressure to put it in the mail immediately when we were overwhelmed with around-the-clock baby care. Highly recommend!

Google review

Jillian was very helpful and shipped the Tens unit right away for my wife. I highly recommend buying units from her. She has the best prices on these imported labor Tens units and is great to work with!

Susie Kemmerer
Google review

As a doula,I ordered an Obi TENS for my clients to use. It arrived in less than a week. I wanted to try it to make sure I understood how it worked… And unfortunately my unit wasn’t working. I emailed Jill and she called me within the hour! She patiently explained and helped with troubleshooting, solved the problem, and walked me through effective use of my new TENS (which actually WAS working – PSA: it must actually be attached to a human to test it). I highly recommend both the unit AND the company behind it.

Julia Ramsey
Google review

Recommended by my doula, the TENS machines rentable here are so much better than a unit you can get in a US drugstore because of the burst mode. This helped me so much during my labor and helped me accomplish my goal of an unmedicated birth. Thank you so much!

Fiona Zeng
Google review

TENS for Labor makes the TENS machine accessible: affordable and convenience. I don’t know what I would have done without the TENS machine during my labour. After giving birth, the process of returning this rented machine was easy, because the return sticker and packaging was already set when we were mailed the rental. It’s great that the pricing is affordable, machine works great, returning was seamless—and most importantly, no clutter of additional thing to keep at home and no contribution for the manufacture to make and deliver a new machine when a perfectly fine one already exists in the world!