How long will it take for my TENS unit to arrive once I place the order?

Depending on your due date noted on the order, the TENS unit is typically mailed out to arrive 3 weeks prior to your due date.  We ship out USPS priority mail, which usually takes 2 days.

How do I use the ELLE TENS machine?

Please see video instructions at

Can I try the ELLE TENS machine before labor begins?

Yes, once you have reached 37 weeks of pregnancy.

When should I start using my ELLE TENS machine if I am being induced?

To allow time for your endorphin level to rise, begin using your machine one hour before your induction.

Can I use a TENS in labor if I am planning on having an Epidural?

Absolutely, you can use a TENS up until the point you decide you want an Epidural.  In fact, using a TENS may delay the need for an epidural!

Can I use an ELLE TENS machine in water or if I’m considering a water birth?

NO, you cannot use it in water. If you want to use the shower or bath, remove the unit and pads and dry off well before re-applying the pads and unit.

Are Elle TENS machines safe?

Yes. They are designed for labor. However, do not use before the 37th week of pregnancy. Do not use a tens machine if you suffer from epilepsy or use a pacemaker. If have any doubts whatsoever consult a medical professional.

What happens if my baby arrives late?

If we are notified in advance we will extend the 5 week rental period for another week for FREE. If the unit is not returned after this time period a $5.00 per day fee will apply.

Is return postage included?

Yes, return postage is included. A POSTAGE PAID RETURN LABEL is in the box. Please contact us if lost or damaged and we will email you a label.

What if I don’t return the TENS unit?

A $200 fee will be charged to your credit card if the ELLE TENS machine Is not returned with all contents of package, or is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Please contact Jillian Silva at [email protected]